Enbridge is Investing in Minnesota

Life takes energy: to heat our homes; to feed our families; to fuel our vehicles. Enbridge has been proudly fueling Minnesota's quality of life for 65 years.

As a leader in energy delivery, Enbridge continues to expand its pipeline infrastructure to help Minnesota and the surrounding region connect to secure, reliable and growing supplies of crude oil produced in North America. Enbridge has projects in Minnesota as part of our ongoing effort to meet North America’s need for reliable and secure transportation of petroleum energy supplies. Currently, Enbridge is making a $2.1 billion investment in improved pipeline systems in Minnesota. Enbridge’s private investment will create good-paying jobs, an economic boost for local communities during construction, and local community investments and tax contributions for many years to come.

Sandpiper Pipeline Project

Sandpiper Pipeline Project

Enbridge filed a petition to withdraw its Sandpiper Pipeline Project applications before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on September 1, 2016. Due to market changes and our customer’s near-term need to access and transport Bakken crude oil, we have decided to re-evaluate Sandpiper and delay it until market conditions support the need for additional pipeline infrastructure.

The Sandpiper project would have provided economic opportunities for many people, communities and businesses in Minnesota and North Dakota. The project was a $2.6 billion infrastructure investment providing more than 3,000 well-paying construction jobs. In addition, Minnesota will miss out on $25 million in annual property tax payments and North Dakota will not see $9 million in annual property tax payments that could have gone to help support schools, roads and other needed infrastructure.

Our focus now turns to obtaining timely regulatory approval of the Line 3 Replacement Project.

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Line 67 Upgrade Project

The Line 67 Upgrade Project increased the average annual capacity on Line 67 (formerly ‘Alberta Clipper’ Project) in two phases; from 450,000 barrels per day (bpd) to an average annual capacity of 800,000 bpd of crude petroleum into Enbridge’s Superior, Wis., terminal. The Line 67 Upgrade Project did not require new pipeline construction; Enbridge added pumping horsepower at or within existing facilities. Phase 1 of the project was placed into service in September 2014, Phase 2 of the project was placed into service in July 2015.

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Line 3 Replacement Project

The Line 3 Replacement Program consists of 1,031-miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline that begins in Hardisty, Alberta and ends in Superior, Wisconsin. The U.S. portion of the Program Enbridge is proposing, is referred to as the Line 3 Replacement "Project." The U.S. portion includes about 13 miles in North Dakota, 337 miles in Minnesota, and 14 miles in Wisconsin.

This $2.6 billion Project will be a $2.1 billion investment for the Minnesota portion of the design, permit and construction of Line 3. In Minnesota, the replacement pipeline will follow existing utility corridors for more than 98 percent of the route west of Clearbrook and 75 percent east of Clearbrook. Line 3 will continue to operate during the replacement process to ensure needed supplies of crude oil reach markets throughout North America. Project applications are being reviewed by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC), and upon receipt of all applicable regulatory approvals, construction can begin. 

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